Tom and Tabatha McMurdy-September 17, 2011

How did you meet? They were 15 years old and high school sweethearts when they met thru a mutual friend at a place where they both worked.  From then on they continued to spend almost every day together and did everything together.  A few weeks before their senior prom they happened to break up and let’s just say it wasn’t a nice one.  Almost 4 years after their break up Tom found Tabatha’s phone number and contacted her while she was living in South Carolina.  He said to her “Wow I’ve been to the equator and back it seems to find you, I’d like to meet up with you sometime.” And luckily she agreed.   He asked her what she would do if he came down to South Carolina right now to see her?  She of course thought he was crazy…He called some friends and they started out on a road trip that would change his life forever.  He finally arrived and they met in the Lancaster Walmart parking lot in South Carolina.  After 3 days Tom and friends were all heading home.  During the entire visit everyone kept trying to talk to Tabatha into moving back to Pennsylvania.  Once they were all packed up they gave their final hugs and said goodbye.  They asked Tabatha one more time to come back to Pennsylvania with them and out of nowhere it was a lash of her voice that she said “hey why not!” So she just did it, she picked up and left in a car from SC to move to PA with only a few necessitates.  But she didn’t care; she was riding on Love and the feelings of destiny being with her one true and First Love!

How did he propose? One evening Tom came home from work and asked if Tabatha if she wanted to go for a ride.  It was 10 o’clock at night, and she was getting ready to lay Lilli, their daughter, down to bed. She got her wipes box and a diaper and went in and got down on the floor with her.  She proceeded to take her pants off and something fell out of her pants.  She couldn’t make out what it was, just a big white thing. So she sat her back on her lap and right in front of them was a little white ring box.  She opened it and screamed! Tom came in from around the corner and said  “It’s your Ring, I want you to be mine forever, I want you to marry me” and of course she said YES!!!

Tom and Tabatha were married on September 17, 2011 in a beautiful outside ceremony at Oil Creek State Park near the Cross Country ski cabins where the trees arched perfectly over the path where the ceremony took place.  They each stood with one attendant by their sides, and also their daughter Lili served as flowergirl.  Tabatha wore a beautiful strapless gown that was given to her by a friend that she had custom altered by
Lydia’s Stitches, where they also rented the guys tuxedos.  The entire event was a fall theme with everything made by hand by Tabatha and her closest friends.  Each element of their big day held a special meaning so that when their guests left they were sure to experience the love
the couple had for each other.  Their reception followed immediately at the Oil City Eagles Club with homemade food to provide a great blend of good old party food, including Fried Chicken, Meatballs, BBQ ham, party potatoes, Mac and cheese with extra cheese on top and bacon, salads, scalloped potatoes, chicken stuffing bake, and many different mixes of cookies, snacks and drinks! Scott Roberts of Music-Xpress played all night long as their fairytale day came to an end.  Tabatha and Tom McMurdy make their home in Rouseville, Pennsylvania with their daughter Lili.  Tabatha is a stay at home mom and super wife while Tom works for Schwebels.