Michael and Shannon Morrow-July 2010

Michael and I were introduced by mutual friends after we both came back to the area after college. The day Michael proposed he knew I had a half day of work so he secretly took a half day and got the house ready. I had no idea, but he kept relentlessly calling because I wasn’t home yet. I finally got home, and I heard music playing (Rascal Flats)…but I still didn’t get it. I saw flowers on the dining room table and Rose petals all around, and the dog was acting really strange. I remember asking what was around the dog’s neck. It turned out to be a wedding bell. When I walked into the dining room, there were rose petals on the floor, and he was on his knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes through all the laughter because the dog was going crazy and just wanted that bell off his neck! We were married on July 10, 2010 at Seneca United Methodist Church. My bridesmaids wore pale yellow dresses and the guys were in Khaki suits with maroon ties and flip flops…something the groom said was a “must have.” Our dog Reilly, who was in on the marriage conspiracy since day one was pulled down the aisle in a wagon and served as our “ring dog.” We had a wonderful buffet dinner at the Arlington hotel. My bridesmaids and helpers were so creative that between all the teachers and graphic design backgrounds…there were so many unique decorations and touches to make the day so beautiful! The old fashion candy bar and cookie cart at the reception were a big hit! I am definitely an imaginative, resourceful person, which helped to put together an elegant day, yet in a cost efficient manner. I loved the non-stop dancing with everyone at the reception and after the night was over, we all put a huge order in at “The Villa” and enjoyed delicious subs! The perfect ending to a perfect day!