Liz and Matt Zimbicki- May 12, 2012

Matt and Liz met freshman year of college at Penn State Behrend. Matt and his guy friends lived on the 3rd floor of the Niagara dorm and Liz and her girlfriends lived on the 1st floor. Being freshies, they had several dorm-related activities so you could meet new people and that is exactly how they all met. They all remained friends throughout freshman year – going to parties together, to Bruno’s (the café on campus) to meet for lunch or dinner, and playing dodge ball and board games in the 3rd floor hallway. It wasn’t until late freshman year when Matt and Liz’s friendship turn into something more. The big group of guy/girl friends decided to have a low-key night and stayed in to play Monopoly in the 3rd floor hallway. Matt and Liz were neck and neck when Liz scored ownership of ParkPlace and BoardWalk. Matt was so mad…he takes his Monopoly serious. Needless to say, Liz won her first game of Monopoly ever. During the game, something changed…Matt and Liz looked at each other differently than they ever had before, a way that they still look at each other today – almost 7 years later! After the game, Matt asked if anyone wanted to watch the horror movie Saw (the 1st one). Liz loves a good, scary movie so she volunteered. Nobody else wanted to stay up and watch so it was just Matt and Liz. Part of the way through the movie, Matt leaned over and kissed Liz. Matt says that Liz kissed him first, hence the reason this kiss has been debated for years!

How Matt Proposed
- On December 18th, 2010, Liz surprised Matt with his first Christmas present – their puppy Chloe! The following days consisted of several friends and family stopping over to meet the new addition to the family. On the morning of December 24th, Christmas Eve, Matt got up bright and early to take care of Chloe. He let Liz sleep in a little since she was making dinner for his family that day. When Liz finally got up, she kissed her family good morning and went into the bathroom to brush her teeth. Matt knocked on the door of the bathroom and asked how long she would be. She laughed and said she’ll be out in a minute. When Liz came out, Matt was sitting on their living room coach and he said the Chloe needs to go out again. So Liz walked over and grabbed her leash off of the hook they keep it on. When she went to hook the chain on Chloe’s collar, she heard a jingle. Since she still had foggy ‘morning eyes,’ she pulled the clasp close to her eyes so she could see what was on it…A RING! Liz turned around and Matt was standing behind her waiting to ask her to marry him. It was so surreal! They had been together for over 5 years at that point and even though she hoped it was coming, she was COMPLETELY floored how he surprised her! Liz called her parents, future in-laws, and best friends to share the good news. She woke them all up because at the time, it was only about 8am. The rest of the day they spent cooking, drinking champagne and celebrating with friends and family.

Liz (Fletcher) and Matt Zimbicki were married on May 12, 2012 at St. Stephens Church in Oil City. Their beautiful theme of Black, white and subtle hints of green was the perfect combination for a gorgeous spring day in western Pennsylvania. Five attendants stood by each of their sides as their closest friends and family shared this very special day. The bride wore a custom altered white satin faced taffeta gown by Nicole’s Bridal of Seneca. Her girls were in knee legnth corset laced dresses in black taffeta. Colleen Faller, professional make up artist and owner of Kiss N’ Make up brought of the natural beauty of all the girls while giving each their own personal touch of elegance. The Zimbicki’s chose to hold their reception at the gorgeous Commons at Franklin in Franklin, Pennsylvania. Laurie Ward, wedding coordinator, made sure the day was flawless. They cut a delicious square 4 tier buttercream cake from Tammycakes and rocked their night away with music provided by Vincent entertainment! Congrats Liz and Matt Zimbicki!!!!!