Bobby and Inde – August 28, 2010

We met in middle school at Rocky Grove High School when Bobby was in 7th grade and I was in 9th. We didn’t know each other very much then but reconnected 10 years later. He randomly sent me a message on MySpace and we continued to chat for about 3 weeks until we finally exchanged phone numbers and planned our first date in October 2007. Bobby was living in Washington DC at the time and I was living in Franklin so we didn’t get too see each other too often in the beginning. Bobby joined the Navy in 2008 and in May received orders to transfer from the Great Lakes (Illinois) base to Coronado Island, off the coast of San Diego in September of 2008. We decided to take the long route and drive out west together and make a little vacation of it. I flew into Chicago where he picked me up and we were on the road immediately heading west. We decided to stop off in Colorado Springs for a couple of days since we had some extra time. We stayed at a lovely Bed & Breakfast at the base of a mountain. We started hiking one morning and ended up at 7 Falls (7 small beautiful waterfalls that make 1 big one). Bobby thought he would be smart and go “off trail” up a mountain and I refused to follow, but he soon convinced me to meet him at the top. After I got up there, he was pointing out the views and while I was looking over the edge, he placed the ring exactly where I would have to place my hand to climb down. I spotted the ring immediately (of course – I’m a girl – I don’t miss shiny things) and the moment I saw it, he got down on one knee and proposed. We planned an August 28, 2010 wedding at “Lone Oak Farm” which is my husband’s family property. I was used to Bobby being at the military’s discretion but I didn’t realize how much it would affect our wedding day. It turns out that the groom wasn’t able to backHawkins Groomsmen into PA until 2 hours after the original start time of our wedding. We had to move the wedding time to 7 PM and hold a “cocktail hour” 2 hours prior to our ceremony to entertain our guests until the groom could fly in from Indiana. It worked like a charm though due to the wine tasting and hors d’oeuvres that we had planned from the beginning. The whole thing was absolutely perfect. There was very little traditional about our night, but it was completely organized and breath-taking. We rode off on a tractor just because it fit the whole “farm wedding” cliché and our pictures were taken with the tractor too by Janyl Lineman of Creative Images. The whole evening uttered class…Delicious foods such as braised beef and Tuscan chicken paired with great wines.  We spent the rest of our night together before he was shipped off again the next day.  It was different this time because now I am the very PROUD WIFE of one of our nation’s great servicemen!!!