Ben and Michelle Krieg: August 24,2013

By on December 11, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Krieg were married on a beautiful August day. Michelle says “We got married in Franklin Center, Pennsylvania. We had a camo wedding, everything was hand made by me. This was my dream wedding.”

1481158_10152075353251942_286454743_n 1482185_10152075353901942_1689147535_n 1476912_10152075355616942_862609717_n 1464837_10152075353896942_1526205547_n 1464828_10152075355601942_1667224354_n 1461954_10152075353906942_1024212432_n 1422703_10152075355596942_859251146_n 1415759_10152075355611942_395980200_n 1414704_10152075353891942_95913068_n 992322_10152075355631942_1507982300_n 967412_10152075355626942_1264969074_n 963047_10152075355621942_1077103433_nPhotographs by Heather Zilhaver

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