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By on October 11, 2014

Thank you BloominGails for sharing a variety of local weddings.  Hopefully this is some great inspiration for many future brides!

TODD 2 Stricklen Myers SKIBA10 SCHMIDT 2 RODDY10 POKOJ07 Oil-City-Frankin-Pennsylvania-Wedding-Engagement-Photography_0063Oil-City-Frankin-Pennsylvania-Wedding-Engagement-Photography_0016 Miller_178 Miller_156 KARA160 GENEVRO 04 JPG COX 3.JPG BILTZ 33BILTZ 29 BILTZ 16 BILTZ 13 BILTZ 05 BILT 28 betsy 12 - Copy betsy 9 - Copy 10449721_806375662708971_945401096_n - Copy 10350419_10202468457856832_4345906732210825423_n - Copy 1393060_669533489726523_2088611977_n1236875_10100101190700405_1480756067_n 1075101_624104647602741_1984608698_n 1005135_4943637396657_1711446517_n 554585_10150894994474135_673707585_n 253530_10151970387843475_220304098_n - Copy 75674_10151175427866544_1249319751_n 68819_487031553474_151968138474_6934611_4131899_n 02

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