Katie and Matt Bashline-July 26, 2014

By on September 25, 2014
Katie and Matt were married on the perfect summer day at The Silver Fox Event Center.  Their theme included amazing touches of personalized “rustic chic” decor including mismatched vases, real flowers, succulents, deer horns & antlers, slabs of wood, etc.  The Bridesmaids wore their choice of floral dress and cowgirl boots and Katie accented her bridal look with turquoise colored jewelry & turquoise boots!  Tammycakes created an amazing cake that looked like a  real tree and was topped with a buck and a doe!  Blue accent lighting from Audio Obsessions Entertainment just added the right amount of color in the beautiful barn. He also kept the dance party going all night!  Photography by Betsy Carroll Photography Bashline_001 Bashline_003 Bashline_012 Bashline_045 Bashline_054 Bashline_061 Bashline_098 Bashline_122 Bashline_134 Bashline_162 Bashline_167 Bashline_173 Bashline_185 Bashline_213 Bashline_230 Bashline_238 Bashline_242 Bashline_250 Bashline_255 Bashline_270 Bashline_284 Bashline_333 Bashline_364

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