Jake and Jess Leadbetter~May 14, 2016

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Mr. and Mrs. Leadbetter were married at the Pisgah Presbyterian, Corsica on May 14, 2016.  A reception rocked by Posey DJ followed the ceremony at Pinecrest country club. Although it was a rainy day a little sprinkles didn’t stop this couple from getting the perfect pictures by Betsy Carroll Photography.  The couple’s plum wedding was accented with woodsy elements and pops of fresh green moss.  The Leadbetters arrived to the reception in Jake’s grandfather’s classic car which matched their theme perfectly!  Congrats Jake and Jess!
All photos courtesy of Betsy Carroll Photography  www.betsycarrollphotography.com

Leadbetter_012 Leadbetter_018 Leadbetter_061 Leadbetter_064 Leadbetter_092 Leadbetter_119 Leadbetter_140 Leadbetter_208 Leadbetter_230 Leadbetter_232-Edit Leadbetter_239 Leadbetter_244 Leadbetter_249 Leadbetter_256 Leadbetter_261 Leadbetter_265 Leadbetter_290 Leadbetter_292 Leadbetter_296 Leadbetter_297 Leadbetter_306 Leadbetter_308 Leadbetter_314 Leadbetter_320 Leadbetter_321 Leadbetter_362 Leadbetter_450 Leadbetter_Cake Leadbetter_Details Leadbetter_ReceptionDetails

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