2014 Color Trends

By on December 19, 2013


With Pantone’s release of the top colors for 2014 there is sure to be a trend everyone will love.  Three very adaptable pastels sit on one end of the palette, and, because we are so accustomed to seeing them as nature’s background, they can be creatively combined with any other color in the spectrum.  Check out the color schemes and begin planning your perfect color combination!

Placid Blue, a picture-perfect, tranquil and reassuring sky, induces a sense of peaceful calmness.placid blue

 Violet Tulip, a romantic, vintage purple, evokes wistful nostalgia.radiant orchid

Hemlock, similar to the verdant shade of springtime foliage, a summery, ornamental green, provides a decorative touch that’s very different from the greens of recent seasons.


Sand, a lightly toasted and amiable neutral, conjures images of the beach and the carefree days of summer. sand

 Paloma serves as a quintessential neutral, interesting enough to be worn alone or combined with any color for sophisticated poise.paloma

Cayenne, a high-pitched red, adds a dash of spicy heat to neutrals.cayene

Freesia, a blazing yellow that is sure to illuminate wardrobes this season. A tropical, floral-inspired shade.freesia

Celosia Orange, an optimistic, spontaneous hue. Pair Celosia Orange with Violet Tulip for a captivating vision, much like the setting summer sun. orange

The palette is brought full circle with Radiant Orchid, a bold counterpart to Violet Tulip.radiant orchid

Dazzling Blue,a scintillating, polar opposite to Placid Blue. Surprisingly, these strong, vibrant colors also pair well across the palette: They are perfect companions to pastels, and add confidence and vivacity when mixed with other bold colors.dazzling blue

Courtesy of pantone.com Photos courtesy of inviteswedding.com


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