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By on December 5, 2013


Choice of venue. There’s no need to wait 12 or even 18 months for your perfect venue to become available. Having a wedding in winter will allow you more flexibility to choose your ideal wedding venue. 
Good lighting. Winter provides perfect lighting for photographs and filming, which means you’ll walk away with some beautiful snap shots, minus the squinting and sunburn!

Venue and supplier discounts. Winter is a notoriously slow period for wedding venues and suppliers so they are often more than happy to offer couples a great discount.

Flower staying power. Flowers last longer in the colder weather which means your floral arrangements with maintain their form throughout the big day.

Boys don’t sweat it. Your groom and groomsmen are more likely to be comfortable (and sweat-free) in their formal attire during the cooler months.

Avoid makeup meltdowns and hair frizzies.  The high humidity in the summer months can often cause makeup to melt away before your very eyes and your hair can frizz or fall flat. A cooler winter day will leave your face looking fresh and flawless for longer and your hair perfect.

Ideal tropical honeymoon weather. Avoid the cyclonic island weather and book your honeymoon in winter!

Your choice of dates. Unlike summer when everyone is rushing to get married, winter opens up a whole lot more choices. Not only will suppliers have more availability in their winter schedule, but so too will your guests.

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