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By on September 2, 2014
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Finding the right caterer is like finding the right pair of shoes. They need to be stylish, yet comfortable and supportive. And when it comes to the food on your wedding day, don’t leave anything to chance. Although your guests may not remember what they ate at your wedding, I guarantee you they will let people know if it wasn’t good or if it didn’t fit with the overall style of your day. Food, drink, and service are all important factors in making or breaking the success of your wedding and below are 10 questions you should ask ALL caterers before making a final decision.

Questions to ask during your tasting

1. Are linens included or are they an additional expense?
2. Do they have bartenders on staff or is that something they outsource?
3. If they do have in-house bartenders, do they order the alcohol or do you?
4. Is gratuity automatically included or do you tip staff on the day of the wedding?
5. Is food prepared on-site or prepared off-site and stored in “hot boxes?”
6. How many of their staff members can you expect to be serving your guests?
7. Do they charge for vendor meals? If so, how much?
8. Will their staff perform the labor to set-up tables, chairs, linens, etc…? Is there an additional fee for that?
9. Does their staff set favors, escort cards and other decor? Is there an additional fee for that?
10. Do they provide glassware, flatware and china or do you need to rent those items?

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